Review: Guerlain Rouge G 867 Merveilleux Rose

1:24 PM

Winter comes early this year... Yeah, I know we don’t even celebrate winter in Malaysia. But there is something to cherish! It’s the holiday collections 2015! For all guerlain lovers, they should know that this year guerlain came out with super pretty collections. I would say the colors,the packaging,the formula..they are all worth the hype.

This year, they choose to bring out the fresh rosy colors which I kind of hesitate initially. I didn’t pick the lipgloss as I found it pretty similar with guerlain lipgloss that I already owned. However, the lipstick packaging really caught my eyes! (Am I the only person who suckers for packaging?)

You can see the snowflakes print over the metallic packaging. It is absolutely gorgeous. As usual, their lipstick has a built-in mirror which is very convenient for on-the-go make-up. However it is not travel friendly as the lipstick itself is pretty heavy.

The formula and texture is glossy and creamy. It is so moisturizing and hydrating-a perfect match for my dry lips. The color intensity is not so strong and it will leave your lips with a natural fresh rosy-look!

Afterall, I love the lipstick! I love the color although you can get a dupe of it. I hope you like my quick review. Thanks for reading.

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