OGX renewing argan oil of morocco

10:44 AM

Hye! Look what i received in my mail today? It's Ogx renewing argan oil of morocco 3 piece starter kit. I kind of obsess with argan oil lately..i've been researching and reading about argan oil..the benefits, the price and  i keep on comparing which brand is the best for me. Thus, here they are..i found Ogx! So, Ogx is one of the US brand hairspecialist that previously called organix. Sadly,they are no longer cruelty free. I read so many good reviews on this, so i think why don't we give it a try as the price is pretty affordable. You can get this item from watsons singapore if i'm not mistaken. So if you guys wonder where i get mine...i actually ordered it from a.m.a.z.i.n.c...the delivery is superfast! You can see many good reviews about them on carousell or instagram. Yup, highly recommended seller!

They come in a box, which consists of :
1)Renewing argan oil of morrocco shampoo (88.7ml)
2)conditioner ; and (88.7ml)
3)penetrating oil (50ml)

The ingredients

This is prefect for travelling...and perfect as a starter kit for me! I've been experiencing hairloss problem for the past few months. The hair is bothering me...from day to day..i feel like i have less hair on my hair roots. So, i decided to cut my hair short...and my hired professional haircut is my husband..so yeah..i don't want to tell anything about my haircut experience. haha..

My friend suggest to change hair products! so i guess it's a brilliant suggestion. why not? I got all those three products at rm55. We'll see how it goes on my hair. I hope argan oil will change my hair destiny.. haha..See u soon :)

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  1. Wahhhh argan oil, kawan iday pernah cakap pasal ni. dia india, and mak dia guna argan oil je untuk rambut. tu yang rambut sihat cantik. hehehe

    1. Aah...sebab tu rambut indian cantik2 je sume..nek jeles pon ade..kalau mak sy die nak suh pkai minyak kelapa...tp baunye xtahan...huhu

  2. Dod, so far pakai ni ad improvement x? im looking for shampoo yg guna argan oil gak. mcm murah je rm55 dpt 3products

    1. Ada..dah beli set besar dah..mmg kurang rambut gugut skrg..anak2 pon kite sapu mnyak rmbut argan oil ni.

    2. Ada..dah beli set besar dah..mmg kurang rambut gugut skrg..anak2 pon kite sapu mnyak rmbut argan oil ni.


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