Urban Decay: VICE 4 makeup class with Steeve Kassajikian

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Hye all! Recently i went to the VICE4 Masterclass with Steeve Kassajikian at Urban Decay Boutique, KLCC. It was a brief makeup class. I was told that Steeve is an ambassador for UD from US. He came to Malaysia for the launch of Vice 4 eye pallete. My slot was at 1.30pm, but due to heavy traffic, i arrived 5minutes late and... i didn't get a sit. Poor me..

UD staffs should provide enough sit because i was told that they have listed the name of the participants few weeks early! Yeah, i'm a bit dissapointed about that. Since it was a short course one, i just bear with it. 

He taught us on how to use VICE 4 practically. From the picture above, u can see he demonstrated on how to use few shades from vice 4 eye pallete to transform to a wearable green-smokey eye look. He also explained and promoted some new items from UD. After all, i enjoy the class!

Look at the eyeliners! Look at the colors!
Extremely eye-catching!

#Laraaminaz dress from minaz.my

My look for that day
primer: Guerlain light diffusing primer
foundation: Burberry beauty sheer lumious foundation shade trench 4
compact powder: Burberry compact powder trench 04
eye primer: UD anti-aging eye primer
Eyeshadow: smashbox double exposure eye pallete
Eye liner: UD 24-7 black eyeliner and chriszen gel eyeliner
Lips: Mac boldly bare lipliner + Guerlain kiss kiss lip balm shade 372 chic pink
Blusher and bronzer: Dior pink glow nude tan paradise duo

So, it's a wrap! thanks for my dear husband for accompany me to the class!
heh, he said -Steeve must felt weird as he was the only guy there-. LOL

I didn't have a chance yet to take a picture of the vice 4 eye pallete. Will share with u guys soon
thanks for reading!

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