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Today  i'm going to share with u breena beauty beauty luxe brush from sabrina tajudin. This is the first brush that they launched and recently they had launched their basic eyeshadow brush and brow definer brush. From the first glance, i would say this is a face brush. Nayy.. it's actually a multitasking brush that can work both with powder and liquid foundation. Wonderful!isn't it?  I've been using this for the past few months and i love it to bits! The presentation is so lovely. It came in a pink lace-printed box and breena did a good job to wrap it with pink paper wrap and a cute greeting card as well! 

the description of the brush

The size is great. Nowadays, it is really hard to get a great size of this type of brush. Ohkay..i don't want to waste you time..let's go through the anatomy of the brush!

The handle is marble white, it grips well on hand. As u can see, the "breena" logo is crafted on the handle. I LOVE it! why? because  the logo won't come off easily over time!  The bristles is so soft and dense and it is so fluffy,believe me! This is great to explain why  you can use it to apply your liquid foundation.  It does shed off a little but it doesn't bother me that much.  The material is from synthetic. I do advise for you to buy brushes made from synthetic materials because they are made from either nylon or polyester filaments where usually called "taklon". Those synthetic filaments are less prone to damage and easier to keep clean as they dont have the animal scale structures to trap paint and microbes.LOL (ayat doktor sangat!). 

Functionally, i'll just stick to use this brush as my powder brush. Yeah..everyone has their own way to apply makeup. For liquid foundie, i preferred to use my sigma f80 brush or my beauty blender.   I used this brush almost every day to apply my loose powder and also my guerlain meteorites.  It creates a great coverage and makes application more easier and flawless. Can you imagine that i get this great quality brush at an introductory  price of rm39? The price is reasonable. (original price rm45)

This can be purchased online at  Afterall, i highly recommend this brush. It comes with a great quality at a great price. Hope u like my quick review. See u soon. bye.

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