I'm sick..and yes..i'm feeling down

2:42 PM

That was how messy my table just now. Yup. Just finished my lunch hour. Nothing fancy today. Makanan pun aku mintak staff belikan sebab tak larat nak drive beli makanan. Ok, manja tak? Hehe. Today is totally not my day. I can feel that my flue and cough worsening. I've been suffering from this infection since imran kene warded hari tu. I called this nosocomial infection. Ganas betul nama die kan. 

I am makeupless today..lipsctickless and bedakless as well. That is how down i am today. I even locked my door this morning to have a nap for awhile after ingesting loads of medications. Pity me. I can't take a leave and i'm lazy enough to get an MC for myself. So i just hope my patient bear to see my zombie face and my hear my "kong-kong" cough. Luckily i had few patients today. No list in the antenatal appoinment. Hooray! Got few walk-in patient...they walk helplessly to see this helpless doctor. It was like a sick person treating another sick person. Well, that is the reason i'm still here..to help those who needed. Chewah!

So randomly..i want to share that:

1)I bought few cute glass containers from carousell with a pretty cheap price. They all arrived today.Yeay. But some of them were broken. Huwaa.. Nevermind, i didn't blame the seller. It is predictable anyway..She already wrapped them carefully.

2)I received my black sephora card yesterday. Yippie! But i don't know when will i pay my next visit to my lovely beauty sephora store..ohohoho..With this kind of health condition, i would rather tuck my self in a duvey instead..

3)Oh yes..if you're asking...i'm a fully bf mommy. Look at my bf gadget - My medela freestyle..it ia almost 3yearsold and still works miraculously! Kudos medela!

4)I have a vere severe shoulder pain right now that makes me want a stat jab of voltaren on my butt.

5)My bestfriend is nowhere to be found this week. Heh! Rai is in KL right now..she's having a 4-day course. That the longest one i guess. See u on friday. I have no mood to watch Tuan Anas Mikael :(

6)I just met my boss this morning where she shared my result for HRMIS. Well,it's kind of your pencapaian prestasi.  Alhamdulillah cukup-cukup makan la kalau nak sambung master. Wait for another year..we'll see how..

7)My husband cut my hair. No..i asked him to cut for me... So,pepaham je la fashion yang terhasil. Haha..(Cry..cry)

8)I enjoy blogging for my self. It's like talking to yourself on the computer.. Woah..Rai..u really need to come back super fast!

9)We decided to send imran and wardina to KL.and i'll be ulang alik..we'll see how..Hope tak pancit ditengah jalan.

10)I can't wait to go back at 4 today! Yeay!

Thanks for reading.  :)

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