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Hi.. as as i'm concern there's a lot of people out there who are having this issue. maybe you are heart broken? or just having a recent failure. 

Maybe you..the one who reading this. 

Just so u know that u are not alone in this. 

I had a tough time for the past few months.

Alhamdulillah things are getting better as time passed by. 

As an adult, you cannot portray your pain. 

There's a lot of reason behind this... the relationship.. the friendship, professionalism..etc.

Eventho the feelings are just fucked up I would say (mind you that this is a personal blog).

There are times when you need to face this situation.

But u need to know at whom you should voice it out...and at whom u should remain silent.

Eventho u are totally depressed at home,  1 thing for sure is that, you have to manage this as professional as u may seems. Dont simply cut the ties. You never knew when u might need that person.

..Because one day, as u wake up from this, u have no regrets.

Believe me. U have no regrets on the silence u make to the right person.

It is a bitter experience. A bitter one. 

That makes me don't want to have any new contact or relationship with people. 

People are just bullshit.

People are just business.

Not worthy.

What worth the most is yourself.

If u feel down..

express it on ur own, express to the one who can help you.

express to the one who willing to listen to you.

ur heart needs a journey, and time is the ticket.

Give urself a time..

everything has it own solution

eventho u feel numb

the injured nerve can does your feeling.

Let stay positive in whatever you do.

In the middle of this pandemic,

You might meet the wrong person,

Fell in love with the bitch,

You might make a wrong decision, 

But Allah send them to us to test us..

To give us experience

The pain will leave you

Once it finish his task to teach you.

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