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Today let's talk about mascara. I jarang2 pakai mascara coz it easily irritates my eyes..maybe dulu pakai mascara yg xsesuai kot. Or maybe dulu2 i kept the mascara for too long as mascara punye long life pon paling-paling 3 bulan after we open the cap.huhu..tapi yerla kan..nak jimat nye pasal pakai je la...jenuh nak tukar mascara every 3 months!

So i got this benefit mascara travel size from benefit frisky six sets. This is how the inner part looks like..the brush is basically is like a comb..a plastic comb thus it helps more in lengthening  rather than volumizing..actually memang not helpful in volumizing at all.

this is how the packaging looks like. i dont know how to put this picture first as i used my phone je right now.haha..(layan je la)

as u can see the right picture is my beautiful regular camel mom selalu ckp my bulu mata mcm unta..saba je i did curled my lash using my shu eumura's eyelash curler. 

it's actually quite easy to apply this mascara..not clumpy if u wiggle ur head betul2..hahaha..not wiggle ur head la!wiggle ur hands time u apply the mascara this picture i applied 2-3 coats of it.
But in view my eyelash yg da sedia panjang ni..this mascara only helps in lengthening..i need something that could volumize my eyelashes. (Pakai fake eyelash laaa..)

belanja gamba mata lagik.

if u hv short eyelash..this will work on u. If ur eyelash macam i, dont waste ur money on this.

Overall review:
Price: i dunno price for full size one.sorry
packaging: plain grey color..hurm..not fancy at all.
application: 4/5
Lengthening :+++
Volumizing: nope
Easy to wash off.

After all,this is from my point of view.hope u like this entry.enjoy reading!

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