Benefit frisky six review and swatches

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Happy new year! So, entry pertama for this year, nak review this Benefit Frisky six set. Basically this set consist of 6 items from benefit makeup range to complete your daily makeup routine. Thanks to my dear Alice,i got it from her. Sephora price is rm110.

As u can see, all items are in their tiny-mini size, very handy and fit ur makeup bag nicely!

So here are the closed up of all items inside the box

That's how MINI they are..all can be grabbed in 1 hand!

This is the blusher-sugarbomb!
It comes in a small plastic packaging. I love it. I love this travel size.
It is so light and i can bring it everywhere.
the color is so subtle. It gives u natural light pink-coral looking if you combine all of the colors.I used my mini trio real technique samantha chapman powder blush brush.
I forgot to swatch this blusher. Will update the swatch later.

Here is the lollibalm. Comes in a cute lollipop-like packaging.
It can be used as a lip balm or blusher!

And here is the lip tint.
It comes with a small bush.The feelings like u apply a nail polish.It has a cool sensation upon application. It leaves a quite birght-pink look on your lips after it dries. Believe me, it last quite long.  Not something that i look for by the way. Well, i'm not a "tint-lover". I think it will go well if we use it on top of pink lipstick instead.

Sunbeam -it's a golden bronze complexion highlighter. 
Not my cup of tea either. 
Good for those who love a brozy look.

benefit ooh la lift is an instant eye brightener boost. The review so far is quite good. It just i dont have much problem with under eye. A layer or two of my routine foundation is already enough to cover my under eye. Will give it a try one day.

left to right: swatches lollibalm, ooh la lift, lolli tint, sun beam

This is how they look after they dry up.

After all, from this frisky six, i only adore 2 of em-the mascara and the blusher. 
Currently i'm using this blusher everyday! I love how it natural but it has a glowy effect that will erase your dull looking skin. Will review the mascara seperately.

Overall review:

Packaging: 4/5..pretty smart but still too small for me.
Price: affordable if you compared with real price of each item. 
If you a are a benefit-freaky-user, you should own this. 
If not, i suggest to splurge your money on their "real-size" item. 

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