Yes, my baby is a premature baby..

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Having a premature baby is a tough situation. Those who don't own premature baby won't know the experience, the feelings. It involves not only mentally challenges but emotionally as well..

Yes, my baby is a premature baby..

Yesterday, i went to a kenduri. It was my aunt's ceremony. Thus, by hook or by crook i do need to attend.

There, in the hall area..lying cute lil boy baby in a 2 in 1 car seat-rocker. I don't care. All my thought is for wardina..I put wardina on cute flowery carter's gown. She looked so pretty with a headband..

I breastfed her in one of my auntie's room. After that, my auntie offered to look after her so that i cud hv my meal. I agreed. Auntie put her on a small comforter..lying down under the fan..She looked so happy. Flapping her hands and if people were playing with her.

I didn't even finish my meal (which is my daily routine when i heard wardina's cry)..I washed my hands..ran into her..There she was..continue smiling again..

Then came one old nenek.. cradling her lil boy..She said that her grandchildren is same age as wardina..but he much much more bigger. " Tengok dua orang budak ni..beza la sangat..padahal sama umur.."..

I told baby is a premature baby. Her weight was only 1.4kg when she was born.

Then she started to put that baby beside wardina.." Ha adik..belasah dia..belasah dia.."

After that,one by one stupid rambling came out from her mouth saying bad things about wardina.. Wardina cannot see yet la..her cucu mata dah nampak..tapi wardina belum. What the f*** nenek oi?

I didn't mumble any single word. All i did was only smile (blerghh...). Yes nenek, u did hurt my feelings.

People who don't own premature baby won;t understand..
As a parent who fight during her pantang session..I can't even walk..I need to use a wheelchair to see my own daughter in the incubator. I couldn't  even hold her and I couldn't even breastfeed her right after she was born..

My baby is a fussy baby. I woke up every single night 1-2hourly just to breastfeed her.. In her earlier months, she was a slow sucker, so the feeding time might take 1-1 1/2 hours..holding a baby with your scar not even properly healed..breastfed her..I'm not complaining..but that was the hardest time of mine..But that what broughtboth of us much closer..

Maybe other mothers won't understand..

Maybe they didn't have their own experience waking up late at night just to breastfeed their baby (which is a wonderful experience). Maybe they just let their husband or their nanny to prepare the milk. For the past 3 months, i tried the best that i can to make my baby healthy enough and let her gain weight. There she is. Already 4kg!

To those who mulut macam won't understand!

And for all parents who have premature baby..stay strong.. our baby is a great baby..they are way wayyy much greater than others.

I believe in Allah..and InsyaAllah..mommy will fight for you wardina.


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