Fisher price newborn to toddler portable rocker review

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Ok, hari ni nak cerita review tentang fisher price portable rocker. Rocker ni sangat best. Jom kite tengok!

Kenape ML kate rocker ni best?

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1)vibrant colours!-can stimulate your baby's vision. It comes in many patterns actually. The one that i bought is old pattern one..Tapi ML suke yang old pattern ni because of the toys!
2)Can be used from new born up to 4years old with 18kg weight. Berbaloi kan kalau pandai jaga..
3)Ade soothing vibrations. Babies love vibration.Sebab tu bile naik kereta dorang baik je..tidoo je..
4)There's a harness that can hold your baby..for safety purpose..
5)Can change position easily for newborn or toddlers..

Rocker ni bukanlah automatic rocker. kene goyang sendiri or die ikut pergerakan baby kite.
It comes with 3 cute toys. It's detachable!kalau tak suke, cabut aje..the yellow kitten can sing..just pull the red trigger and will sing around 5-10seconds i guess..

Easily detachable

Swicth for vibrator..need one large size battery

Detachable chicky!boleh goncang2..
New version one takde menatang ni..

If you push that rectangular button, boleh tinggikan the head part..for toddlers

ni nak ubah postion the hoody part..nak sandar ke..nak baring ke..

Pull that part to make it a sturdy chair!

ha..jadi kerusi sudah..

Easily fold kalau nak sandarkan ke dinding..

I bought it only for rm185 with kak Sakinah Mira..come and shop with her HERE
Different pattern and version of rocker sold with different price of course..
Kalau yang dekat-dekat ngan rumah kak Sakinah, and beli banyak boleh dihantar terus ke rumah..Best!
So, hope this will be a helpful review!

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