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Today, m going to make a quick review about this product.At first,let's have a look for the full description about this product:

Product Benefits
A highly functional toner that regulates the skin renewal rate and allows moisture and vital nutrients to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin. Skin is clearer with a brighter and more even tone. Contains Himalayan Rhododendron,
Alpine Epilobium, Himalaya Snow Water and willow bark extract to fight free radicals, sealing in moisture and gently exfoliating and soothe skin.

Formulated with Bio-Dusali™ for optimum skin renewal and hydration.
  • Apply to face after cleansing with a cotton ball

Ok..the decription is pretty clear how this toner will play its role in regulating our skin.For me,i love this product,but i see not so many changes on my skin...maybe 2 months is still too early to make a review.The good thing about this toner,it contains zero alcohol.You know it once u apply it to your face.It smells good.More like natural smell and it adsorbs quickly into your skin.I'm not really a toner lover but i have to use this since i got it for my 23rd bday present.Yeah,the same with my foundation,like i told u in the previous post. 

I feel my skin more hydrated and that's all.Other than that,m not actually noticing it..or maybe i need somebody else to tell me.I don't really have a problem with my skin tone complexion,so again i cannot tell u how does it works in correcting the skin tone.But overall,i can rate this product 4/5...And i love it..M not sure the price..Maybe around rm80-100.You can get it at the nearest laneige counter.

Some ppl said that if u want a good result,it's better to use it with the emulsion which come from the same product line.But...since i still have my body shop moisturizer,i dont think i need it.Oh yeah,if u think that it's quite pricey..i think it's pretty reasonable because this bottle is 160ML.Maybe u will end up using it for like 1 year!coz u just need 3 drops of it,and it is enuf to cover all over your face.

The packaging is very cool-the blue bottle glass.Mybe some of the reviewer said they don't really like it because it's hard to handle and you can't bring it anywhere-HEAVY of course~But,i don't think so coz i didn't bring my skin care everywhere...if i hv to go travelling somewhere,moisturizer and facial soap is enuf i guess.It has NO pump.You can see the picture above.NO PUMP.But,that's not a big deal.haha...

So,i hope this review will help u. If u want to try this product,go ahead..Laneige skin care line is very good especially for our asian skin.Yeah,it is from korea.Even our siti nurhaliza also did her research in korea for simplysiti. If u have this product,let me know what you think.Thanx for reading...tata~

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