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11:54 AM

I read about a couple with their IUD (intrauterine death baby) just now. sedih. Semoga Allah memberikan kekuatan buat mereka. 3years ago, bila lahirkan wardina, i used to feel that way too.. rasa bersalah for not being able to lahirkan wardina cukup bulan seperti ibu-ibu lain. You won't know the feelings..i even hampir give up my career at that time. That was how big the impact in my life.. Tetibe kene hentam lagi dengan fitnah dekat o&g department merepek time housemanship tu. Allah je la yang tahu time tu. Seriously, it was not easy.

Pada masa yang sama, one of my friend also giving birth at that time. Almost term baby (cukup bulan).. healthy baby with a good weight i would say.But somehow the baby passed away on day 7 of life due to infection (i cant recall). Then i met another girl , i'm not sure whether from blog/instagram/facebook.. a very beatiful lady she is. she told me she also delivered a premature baby. Allah da tentukan setiap perjalanan..her baby didn't make it. Condolences to both families..

I wake up when i saw them..ujian mereka yang Allah beri lebih dari ujian yang Allah beri pada kami. Walaupun hanya Allah yang mengetahui apa yang mereka lalui and macam mana mereka nak harungi. I believe that i need to be grateful..

Tomorrow is hari raya. Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone. I have no specific plan for tomorrow. No baju raya either. Planning for rendang daging and nasik impit insyaAllah kalau rajin. Haha. Oh yes, i bought a kilogram of prawn from Kuantan. Siap ade sepit biru! Masak lemak udang wajib nih! :)

Bagi yang balik kampung, drive safely..take care of your kids and your health as well. Enjoy your Hari Raya. Assalammualikum.

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