DIY newborn photoshoot

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Hari ni mood update blog. Imran was born on 30th January 2015 via elective caesarean. Alhamdulillah, operation went well. Both mother and baby are safe. Thanks to all Putrajaya Hospital staff for their warmth and great services. Imran was admitted for few days to hospital on his day 9 of life due to jaundice and his jaundice lasted for more than a month..haihh..sampai mama and papa naik lelah jadinye. We even bought a jaundice lamp letak dekat rumah. Alhamdulillah All the blood results were normal and he was just having a breastfeeding jaundice. 

We didn't have a proper plan for imran's photoshoot. Tapi rasa bersalah coz kakak wardina has yearly photoshoot session. Sejak dah beranak dua ni, financially ketat la sikit dah tak macam dulu.. So we decided for a DIY photoshoot instead. Time ni imran was 20days plus and still having slight jaundice. It was a bit difficult to get him photographed coz he was not "that sleepy" anymore. Less than 2weeks old is the best period to get your newborn baby photoshoot. But somehow, we did it!

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All you need is few pieces of blanket, scarves and a big bowl as a prop. Like us, we used ikea fruit plate. Makesure you breastfeed your baby well and let he sleep a little while..lepas tu barulah senang nak bentuk-bentukkan baby tu. :)

Okla kan hasilnye? We used our old nikon camera. Papa imran editkan gune photoshop sket2 and mama edit balik gune 360 apps dalam handphone. So imran, this is how ur face looks like time baby. Awak kecik je tau baby, keluar pun 2.3kg je. Be a good boy lil pumpkin!

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