Photoshoot Wardina at Oriental Kids Korea Baby Studio

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I've been waiting to share about wardina's photoshoot session at Korea Baby Studio. Chill, this photoshoot still in Malaysia.You can fulfil your dream to have a Korean photoshoot of your baby at Oriental Kids in Festival City. This photoshoot session was done when our wardina was 1 year old. The session lasted for 2hours.

The studio environment was awesome. First, there will be a small briefing session with the staffs, then u need choose an attire. Basically u can change 3 attires in total. We brought 1 gown for Wardina. They provide a complete range of attires from baju,seluar,kasut,accecories and many more..We just need to choose and dress her up like a barbie doll!

Wardina had 2 photography session actually. The second one was basically just "for-fun" photoshoot. It requested by the photographer as she found wardina was so easy-going at that time. Turned out the photos were superb that we cudn't resist to include them in the album.

They have 2 rooms that fully decorated with "Korean environment"..woahhh! You can choose which theme you like. I believe now they have much more attractive deco.

We were told that the room has built-it flash. You won't see any flash but the lighting in the picture turned out awesome! The most important thing-it won't hurt your baby's eyes.

Is 2 hours enough for the photoshoot session? Hurmm..
Your baby will get easily cranky during photoshoot. Same goes to our lil wardina. We need to stop for few times, breastfeed her..feed her with biscuits and macam-macam la..Memang penat. But the staffs- all are very cheerful and supportive. So you don't have to worry. They will jump around to make your baby smile.

After the photoshoot session, they will give u a call. You will have a session where u can choose pictures to be featured in the album All editing will be done in Korea. Thus it will take 2weeks to1 month time.

Price depends on the package and promotion. During our time, it was a package of rm500 per album. But it turns our to be moreeeee as we want all pictures. Haha. Ok, mak bapak wardina memang tamak. Kekeke.. We just don't want to miss this best moment of her.

So, enjoy the pictures!


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