Red Square and snow part IV

8:37 PM

Salam all..

Hari ni ML nak bawak korang sume tour Moscow nak tak? Macam yang korang sume tahu, minggu ni ML dapat cuti ,so  group ML decide nak pergi jalan sama-sama ke Red Square a.k.a Krasnaya Ploshed. Jarang tau group 6 nak pergi jalan sama-sama.Hihi..

Group ML ada 10 orang student je, 3 lelaki (fikri, fadzil and anep), 7 perempuan (ML, yana, kaka, anna, pipah, wani, nadid).  ML sedih laaa..sebab ML rasa I chose a wrong scarf for that day .Sobb..Sob..

Entry kali ni ade banyak gambar.So, let d pictures speak =)

10:00 am: Hostel.Spartivnaya

Me & d cheerful Yana

P/S: i applied my simple dolly eyes make up =)
oh,my face is so round.haha



Will it snow for Christmas?

10.45 am -Red Square, Ahodnih Riad

Miniature Porcelain, Historical museum

Historical museum



11:15 am entering the main square

G.U.M - one of the most luxurious place to splurge your money.


Every year, there will be a skating ring in the middle of the square (GUM katOk)

Cheering our last winter =)

Counting down the days before Olympic game~
1157days??? ~(O.O)~

Me & yana
Look at the back! People were skating round and round~

The loveliest tauke Donna's stall~hehe
(that's our kedai roti's name LOL)

Super tall Christmas tree =)


Lenin's tomb


Funky as usual


And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile
'credit to sis allen'

Inside G.U.M

London's Christmas tree

Lots of Chritmas trees..

Megafon,the richest tree ever~

Spotted! METRO's tree wif lots of makcik metro.haha =P

ML and the chocolate factory


Vain me..haha..

I love this!

Presenting G.U.M~

2nd floor,on the bridge

holding the big ball~

Pretty,isn't it?

After that,we went to Monesh, the second shopping complex at ahodnih riad searching for foods .Hehe..

Ok,tamatlah tour ke Red Square hari ni ye adik-adik.
Kakak nak kene masak because today is my turn. 
Maybe daging masak merah for today?


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