Europe tour: Berlin,Germany

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Salam all..

Moga-moga korang sume sihatlah hendaknya. So,today ML nak ajak korang jalan-jalan ke Berlin,Germany. Tour kali ML pergi ke 3 buah negara iaitu Germany, Netherlands and Brussel. The first city that we visited was the historical Berlin!! ML pergi sana time summer 2008,together with hafizzuddin, shahrin, murni, ili, kaka, yani & atiqah. Then we met up with Ammar in Amsterdam. It was amazing! It was so fun having them around,ML kerja gelakkk je because they r so funny. So, i would like to share with you my great moments there. Enjoy the pictures darling =)

Bradenburg gate




Reichstags, Parliament 


Holocaust Memorial

Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe

Memorial building or sumthing,i can't recall.

Berlin Wall



I wrote my name on it.Naughty =)

Gendarmenmarkt square,Bebelplatz

Berliner Dom

Altes museum

TV tower

Sony Centre

I spent only 2 or 3 days in Berlin. We just followed the free tour. Our tour guide was so cool and he talked ALOT!! Believe me~ We just took about several hours to cover all the main points in the city. Not much but we enjoyed cam-whoring rather than listening to the boring histories. Hahaha. Ili je yang stick till the end. Tapi tour guide tu memang baik, die tunggu je kitorang amek gambar. Dah la free!! At last, kitorg bagi jugak la sorang satu euro dekat dia.Tanda kesian. I have loads of pictures. I just grabbed some and posted here.
I hope i can give u a rough idea about Berlin. Mana la tau kot-kot nanti ada rezeki korang nak pergi. At least u hv the idea where to go and what to do.=)

 Hope u enjoy and let me know what do you think about Berlin.

I'll talk to u in the next entry,
see u.
Tata ^_^

Ini adalah entry auto publish since my busy cycles hv already started. InsyaAllah ML akan balas jejak korang.

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