Laneige Sliding Pack Ex Snow Crystal SPF 50+ PA+++

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Salam and hye all..

Today,m going to make a review about my Laneige sliding pack Ex Snow Crystal...So,before m going a lil bit more further,let's take a look at the description about this product from Laneige official website...

SLIDING PACT EX Snow Crystal SPF 25/ PA++ (mine is SPF50+)

[12g] Ideal for all skin types
No. 1: Translucent Skin
No. 2: Bright Skin
No. 3: Lively Skin

Product Benefits

This is a feather-light natural press powder that slides and fits onto skin, providing it with a luminous glow and, at the same time, protection from UV rays.
• Optimum skin protection and caring system
• Alcohol and Oil-free
• Packaging – a mobile slide-and-pull compact with puff

  • Can be used on its own or over a Makeup Base or Foundation to set

Ok,so i would like to start from the external part first...then we go to the inner part..okies?

The packaging!OH BABY~i'm fall in love wif the usual,Laneige never bring me down when it comes to the packaging part.Look at the body...with one glimpse,u might think it is a handphone!Hehe...Super duper cool ryte?It's a sliding pack,and yes,u only need to slide it up to open it..(just like u slide up ur handphone..huhu..i like it!).

Again,i got this as my birthday present from my bf..and my sliding pack color is peach. At that time,i noticed also got blue color ...but..other color m not so sure.It depends on your skin gradient actually.Whether no 1,2 or 3..And mine is no.2.hehe...

You can see there's a big mirror!!U don't need to open up ur powder pack everytime u wanna see ur face,and the mirror is quite big enuff~totally looks like your handphone screen isn't it?haha~(i think later laneige will come out wif iphone-look sliding pack..Ngeee^^)

Ok,let's go to the inner part..


Ok,when u slide it up,u can see the powder part..After all,i love this powder pack.First,the smell is very good.It has this girlish+and calm smell..(i am very bad in describing smell part.hehe)..For those who don't like any smell of their cosmetic,u don't have to worry because the smell does not last long...It is very easy to apply.BUT where is the sponge bob??

Hehe...You need to flip up the powder plate part..and there u are...the sponge is below it.The sponge is soft and square form as u can see..You can use your brush if u don't like to use it..But,i juz love to use this sponge coz i found that my brush is actually damaging my powder pack!Maybe i need a lil bit more soft brush (m looking 4ward for d sephora brush..hahak..=P)..

Ok,about the texture..Like i told u,it is very easy to apply..and it goes really well and smooth on your skin especially when u use it together wif the foundation.It gives more bright and translucent looks!Oh yes~believe me dearie..i experienced it myself.It gives a porcelain finish!(Love.Love.Love)!

This powder contains really high SPF,mine is SPF50 (my teacher(dermatologist) said that actually the highest SPF is only till 9..So,i don't know the truth about this SPF 50,25,100 and so on..).But..dat's not a big deal,ur money..u choose it!simple!

If u don't like to use any foundation,this powder also goes very well on moisturizer...Oh dear,don't just put a powder on ur bare skin..Our skin do need some moisturizer..Don't be too cruel to ur skin ok???=)

About the coverage...i guess it's pretty long,except during rainy days of course..and if u hv a very high-perspiration type skin/easily sweat and oily skin..of course this powder will melt away easily.So,to avoid this,i recommend u to find any make up base that have an oil-control function..or maybe any moisturizer that has this function.Then,ur make up will lasttt long baby~^^~

So,this is my make up review..hope u enjoy it.I think laneige have a promotion right now.If u are not familiar wif laneige..this is a korean cosmetic line..and it is super famous make up brand actually.They just open their branch in Malaysia.And u can find them in MidValley and many more places (check out their website at my sidebar).


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