Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation SPF22 PA+

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Foundation...i'm not really using foundation everyday.becoz i think my skin is quite happy being naked without any make up.hehehe..but,m a make up freak ^__^.So today,m going to do a review about my laneige foundation..Laneige is a basically a new korean skin product in MALAYSIA..they r already well-established in korea.and song hye kyo is one of their model that caught up many girl's eyes to splurge on this product..just like me=)...Their product.. i can classified it as one of the high end product base on the PRICE..huhu..quite pricey..but it's really worth every penny.believe me..m not using all their make up, i just buy the one that perfect for me..mau kopak aku nnti..hahaha...You can find more about laneige on this site..

So,this is how the packaging looks like..beautiful huh?Ok this one is snow crystal dual foundation SPF22 PA+ 30ml in natural beige shades...Here is the description from the official sites..nnti orang kate aku mandai2 pulak kan?hehe..

Product Benefits
This dual foundation has a concealer at the top and a foundation at the bottom.
The foundation comprises the Honey Comb Structure which conjuncts moisturizing ingredients and brings upon the Cross Linking Complex – a complex that runs moisture like a cobweb, keeping moisture running all day.
The result: imperfections like dark circles and blemishes are concealed and skin is kept moist and comfortable all day.
  • Gently shake the foundation container before pumping foundation once or twice. and then, applying and appropriate amount evenly to larger area of the face first.
  • Apply once again if you need an overall coverage of the face.
  • As for concealor, use your fingertips for topical application to area that needs local correction of defects.
  • Tap with fingertips to avoid no visible borderline remains.
For the first time using this,m not really like it..because it's a lil bit thicker compare to my previous maybelline foundation.But,after reading lots of good reviews about this product,i wuz like..why don't i give it a try as i already have it..ok,lupe nak citer,i got this foundation from my luvly honey,as a gift for my 23rd birthday..(LOVE.LOVE.LOVE)..hahaha...ok,sambung balik...lepas da cube2 pakai...akhirnye,it really suits my skin!!!it gives such a glowy n fine effects i can say...everytime i wear it,my bf will ask,y did u look more bright today?hehehehe...(happy la puji..=P)..m not sure whether this really suits all type of skin..of course we have to explore it first..but,this is really also has a soft calming smell..i love it..i just love this smells sooo good..not so overpowering,but enuf to make u feel calm.. is how the pump looks's pretty weird for me..this is my first time saw this kind of bottle..but it has its own benefit i dont have to pump the foundation first on the back of my hand before applying pump is enuf if u want a medium coverage.and it's pretty cool,coz i can manage the amount i want.and the flat top serve as a draw pallete for the foundation...^__^

on the top of the cap,here u go,the concealer wif a small mirror.2 in 1 huh?hehehe...i found this concealer is a lil bit thick.usually i don't use any concealer coz i don't really have so much blemishes to cover up..juz a tiny tiny vein around my eyes..the foundation is enuf..after dab the foundation a few times,it's just OK for me..but,this is an extra benefit for those who do not know how to choose their concelaer colour that suits with their foundation. 

Most of the reviews said dat this foundation gives like only a medium coverage as it not last long..m not pretty sure about that,coz i never go out for like 1 day straight wif my foundation on..but,overall i really like does give a nice finish..About the RM130..u can buy it on ebay, or any other seller..i suggest u to join's a lot of laneige lover overthere that selling it whether new or used.they also cut down the price and it's pretty can buy the travel kit if u want to give a try.

After all,i really love this is highly recommended.especially for our asian skin.=)
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