Prettyvrach.blogspot.com previously known as miszlullaby.com.
Started blogging since 2010 when i was studying in Moscow, Russia.
If you read my older post, you can see that people used to call me ML (miszlullaby). 
I spend almost 6 years in Moscow. Alhamdulillah after ups and down, successfully graduated in 2011. 

While i was in Russia, i used to travel a lot. I went to most European countries, UK, Australia and some part of Russia. You can stroll on my travelogue page where i shared most of my memories. It was truly a wonderful years abroad.

But now i dah jadi cikpuan dah. Hehe. I think maybe i need a more "universal blog" name. 
Thus, Prettyvrach it is!

Prettyvrach is a combination of English and Russian words which "vrach" means "doctor". Oklah bagi la aku perasan jadi doktor cantik. =D

Yes,i'm still a doctor and insyaAllah will keep my oath to serve the people who needed.
I'm now a wife to mr.hubby and a mother of two beautiful kids. 

Yeah,time flies. My tiny little womb has been producing 2 little muchkins who brings rainbows into my cloudy life.

I didn't change much tho. My interest still remain the same.
I still love to explore anything about food and makeup.I love to cook during my freetime.

Blogging is one of the way how i spend my me-time (u know when u are a mom). 
I love to write about what i love and what i think from my own perspective. I randomly talk about beauty stuffs, fashions, lifestyle and foods. Doing makeup review is my current passion.
Other than that, i'm just an ordinary Malay woman who loves sushi, nasi lemak and roti canai.

If you want to ask me anything regarding makeup or medical thingy , kindly drop your email at thepurple_petals@yahoo.com and yeahh! don't forget to leave your blog link as well. I would love to do a blog visit.
Thanks for reading.

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