What is your focus?

7:24 PM

                                                             photo from leesharing.com (this is not my house)

1)household stuffs.
Sekarang ni maybe sebab i'm getting older kot, so my focus is totally2 different from others. If previously i care about new clothes, makeup, skin care...now semua berubah. I stop from buying makeup yg tak necessary. I didn't catch up with new collections anymore. The only thing that i buy is skin care and lip matte yang i mmg pakai hari2 sampai habis. I'm quite amaze with myself where I change my mindsetting and my shopping habit. This is not easy actually.

Mana tak nya, ada banyak sale sekarang kan? Everytime sebelum checkout I will ask my self, do I really need this? If last year we celebrated out anniversary in one of beautiful place in KL, this year both of us were super busy! We hardly meet each other in these 2 months (sad truth :( ....) So we decided to allocate the budget instead of going for "honeymooning"..we bought a dryer instead. And guess what? It ease my lifeeee!. And I love it. I just love it to the max. So yeah,  we change our shopping desire into something that is more important like - household stuffs.

2)2nd house
Another focus for me is now our 2nd house. It is 100% complete now. But we are still waiting to settle few other stuffs pasal rumah ni. Ya Allah permudahkanlah...

End of the year ni banyak duit nak pakai. As my kids getting bigger..they went to private kindergarden..and the cost is a bomb too.. Takpela..at least both of them happy. I feel contented enough dapat bagi best education. Kakak can start reading in malay and english. Here and there ade lah sikit2 silap tu normal la. But she is so enthusiast and positive.

Sekarang ni makin banyak pulak insurance. Both of us make it a compulsory things. Plus insurance pun simpanan jugak.

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