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12:24 AM

Assalammualikum and a very good night i guess..

Ok, it's been a long long time i think i had left this blog. I'm so sorry for all the mothers out there.I know some of you might be waiting for my answers. I will try to reply as fast as I can but the best is for you to discuss with the doctors who treated your child. Because in treating patients we need to see the result and compare it with the findings clinically. We need to examine the patient. But never mind, I will try to assist as best as I can.

So I have a lot of "hutang" actually. There are few posts that I wanted to share. One of it is an argan cream  product that has been sent to me.. I will review it shortly maybe in the next post.I'm so sorry for the late. teehee..

I've been really busy lately. InsyaAllah with Allah's will, we will be moving into our second house soon. There's a lot of thing to think... It's year end, where I need to focus on my kid's concert, medical director's meeting where in between juggling doing locums and my amway bussiness. I'm tired! Super tired ! Honestly! (right now i'm yawning)

There are here and there where I met many kinds of people which taught me about "people" and "kindness". I don't really understand why it is so hard for people to try their best to take care about relationship among themselves?

Is it hard?
Is it hard to smile?
Is it hard to talk good?
Is it hard to say thank you?
Is it hard to stop from being jealous?
Is it hard to be honest?
Is it hard to talk good and stop being talam dua muka person?

Is it hard?

Maybe for some people "yes"


Because most of people talk before they think.
All of us have 1 brain by the way.
I don't know whether this is some kind of "ageing" or "i'm being matured" ..(i'm 30 by the way), but I think people should start to exercise kindness to each other.

I saw this patient few months ago. And today his agent came and requesting me to fulfill his medical records. Why?

because he's dead.

Life is so short.
It's so short for us to keep talking about bad thing.
It is to short for us to keep sulking and do silly things.
Stop sharing something that won't give you anything in the "hereafter"
We are losing.

I do hate those people who are too negative and think that they are right.
They are the ugly creatures in this world.
But - I keep remind myself back- I's ok, let them be..lead them to the better-ness..

May Allah lead me to be a sabar person in managing these kind of people.



Lot's of love,

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