Review: Colourpop ultra matte lip in shade Donut

3:56 AM

Ok hi..and now it's 3am in the morning. Tadi tido awal coz i have a flue..idung ni dok srokk sreekk je. Maklumla baru seminggu jaga patient batuk seseme..doktor pon terjangkit jua.

I just received my colourpop ultra matte lipgloss. I bought from trusted carouseller at rm42. Mahal sikit sebab ready stock. So many raves about this matte lip product yang buat i tergoda jua akhirnya. Ok. Rebah. Dan terbeli. Haha..

It has soo many wearable shades and after studying all the reviews  and swatches from google..i decided to pick mr.donut! ( The shade name is just donut by the way.)

I love 1st base and solow as well but since this is my 1st purchase from colourpop, i preferred to try it out first. So donut is my 'trial' i would say.

Let's talk about the packaging. The box is white and has a glittery sparkling word imprinted on it. The end of the box representing the shade. 

The lip product house in a glass bottle with typical lipgloss wand applicator. Nothing fancy.

The colour is vibrantly wonder it is so "pop out" in the picture. One application in enough however it dries soo fast. Thus u need to apply 'em carefully to prevent double or triple application. Sekali sapu bibir dah macam sari yanti dah.hehe.

This ultra matte formula is sooo matte! That made me MAD! Urgghh.. for those with dry lips, this is definitely  not for u. I feels like i'm wearing a paint. When it dry off..your lips will turn to be crumpled! Jenuh nk senyum all the time! I do advise to mix it with other lipgloss..orelse ur lips look like a 5% dehydrated patient. Kah2. Sorry! 2 stars for the formula.

I'm a matte lipstick lover..but this one is just overrated. But looking at the retail price on actual website, i won't ask for more. The formula is definitely not lips-friendly. Furthermore, it really hard to put them off. I need to use 2 pumps of my MAC oil make up remover and it smudge like hell.. it's a mess. the pink stain all over my face as if i just crashed my face on a pink cream cake! And i need to wash my lips snd chin using cleanser to clear it out. Gosh! Too many works girls! Not a friendly lipstick for muslim girls.

I wont buy them again. I think for mat saleh bagusla coz they dont need to pray and dont hv to clean their face kan.. klo korang nk pakai pun, tunggula time period.haha..jujur sungguh review ku ini kan. After all, that was just my 2 cents..

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  1. wow cantik warna ni, suai ngn ML..

    1. warna cantik tp die nye formula xbest..too dry

  2. betulll ada my friend bibir dia kering ya amat bila pakai matte lip macam ni. nak senyum pun merekah2 jadinyaaa. tp warna nya cantikkk

    1. huuu..tuhla ezan..sedih jugak bile pikirkan warnanya yang cantik ni..tapi nak wat cemana, dah xselesa..dah kene jual balik da lipgloss ni ..hihi


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