My baby was infected with viral fever

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Stress. Sekali lagi kami di uji. Kalau bulan lepas,wardina yang sakit..bulan ni aku dan wardina kene batuk sesema. Hampir 2 minggu aku batuk,dengan izin Allah kebah jugak batuk ni..baru nak happy kejap dengan sambut anniversary, imran pulak demam panas. Imran memang ada sesema for the past few days..but oral intake (feeding) was still good.

On day 2 of fever, i noted that he started to loss his appetite. I did an oral examination (thank god ur mother is  a doctor imran..)..noted small spot of ulcers..but it was not that bad. Occipital lymph node enlarged(the nodes somewhere behind his head) but what worried me the most was
his temperature..sentiasa 38-40C despite on syrup paracetamol and supp PCM..syrup brufen works wonders whenever his temperature refuse to subside. Fuhhh..

I brought him for a blood test on day 2..what shocked me was his hemoglobin(Hb) level only 8.2..which is low..ayat2 doktor salu cakap-anemia!
Before ni salu jugak encounter pesakit dengan viral fever tp selalunye platlete dan white cell count yang low. It puzzled me.

That night we were informed that got landslide at karak highway..most of the doctors who went back to celebrate deepavali were stucked in KL and one of the doctor in our clinic went back to KL that night pulak. So we were shortage of doctors. Seriously?..i literally dumbfounded. Tapi kerja tetap kerja. I went back to work the next morning with a hope imran will get better. i repeated imran blood test again that morning..and the Hb reducing down to 7+. Allah..i cant think..met my friend raihana..thank god she was there..a good friend always be on ur side when u need them..she replaced me for that day,thanks rai..Allah je boleh balas kebaikan ko mek..

I went to see my specialist and she advised for admission as it cud be hemolytic anemia 2' viral fever but we need a further workout. I cried. Yes. I cried. Nangis2 dalam hati praying dat nothing serious is happening in his little body. And keep praying that he won't leave me.

We decided to go to KPJ Kuantan since highway still xboleh digunakan. Xpe, Allah ada. Janji usaha yang terbaik utk imran. Sampai di KPJ..terus jumpa paeds specialist Dr. Siti Noor. His temperature was 39.5C..Dr.Siti was so nice..she explained the blood result to me..that it looked more like iron deficency anemia (anemia disebabkan kurang zat besi) as the RDW is normal. There's a hope there. That is what people want to hear from the doctors..a hope~

All 1st class and 2nd class ward are full! I insisted for least there will be a  strict monitoring on his temperature walaupun mama tertidur( u know when u are too tired). We were asked to jalan2 dlu and they will call us back before 10pm. So,kitorang sempat check in hotel and sempat makan. Usai solat asar, we received a call that imran can be admitted. Alhamdulillah.

There were nothing to be reviewed about KPJ kuantan as it was an old hospital. Of course it lacked in xdak..peti ais xdak..kebersihan astaghfirullah..xpelah,janji i know my baby in good least their doctors and nurses hv good soft skills! Tang tu memang i puji. I don't want to complaint much...

It is day 4 today..and i'm just finish reciting yasin for him..and now he sleeps on my lap while i typing this. ☺

The blood results all turned out fine.Alhamdulillah..looks like viral fever and it is iron deficiency anemia. His iron level only 1. For now, he didnt require any blood transfusion however he do need to take iron supplement and vitamin C together up to 6 months. Then we need to repeat back his blood and dr.siti also recommend for hb analysis once he reach 1 y.o to rule out thalassaemia.

As for today..imran still having low grade fever..37.6 till 37.9C..i already started to hv sorethroat which i hate the most. New patients come and go..the latest one was not so happy to see imran in the same room..she complaints xbole tidur dengar baby nangis. She even change her bed..xjauh pun..katil sebelah je.lolz!Diri sendiri cakap kuat sampai imran xbole nak tidor..xde plak ko pikir? Sakit hati jugak dibuatnye. Siap mintak nak g 1st class. Hello auntie..If there is empty room, imran yg patut dpt dlu la makcik!.(nak je cakap macam tu).tapi aku pendam je la..haha. 

Oklah,doakan imran..semoga cepat sihat dan pulih seperti sediakala. I shouldn't be sad..i should be thankful with this ujian..mommy need to be strong..kelonggaran yang Allah bagi untuk aku menjaga imran ni pun adalah satu nikmat.. my husband is here to help. Alhamdulillah. Dear imran,if one day u read this blog, u will know how much i love u. Get well soon sayang.☺

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