Malaysia's Next Top Female Blogger 2011

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5 steps to be Malaysia's Next Top Blogger 2011:

Tell us about your blog in 70 words or less.
Life’s an intricately woven series of happy, sad and mundane moments and it’s easy to forget and lose yourself in its web. Blogging makes it easier to keep tabs on my life's affairs, vent out my pent up frustration and let my imagination soar to its limitless boundaries. And I’ve been doing this almost every day since June last year. My viewers (I am pleasantly surprised and thoroughly honoured to have them) are a cool mixture of people around my age.

What is your personal style?
While people seem to be infatuated with leggy, blue eyed bombshells, I still strongly believe in the exotic allure of the refined elegance of petite Asian women. I try to reflect this notion in my style by a modest but chic (in my opinion anyways) ensemble of blouses and jeans. Malaysia is renowned for its colourful culture (figuratively and I dare say literally) so it is a given for me to conquer those gloomy and pale planes of boring white snow of Moscow with a splash of funky and bright colours of my wardrobe.

A picture of you in one of your favorite outfits:

Are you the next Malaysia’s Top Female Blogger 2011? Why?
My random ramblings are passion driven. And I believe anything that stems from sincere interest is a labour of love, no matter how simple it seems. Writing about the simplicity of life to remind people that happiness is in doing the things you love.  Being a medical graduate, living miles away from home, trapped in a post-soviet mindset, I have more stories to tell, experiences to share and more wisdom to offer.

I love to read ‘Life with Sandra…..’ because?  
Ralph Lauren once said “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams”. Fashion is about designing dreams and fantasies to grace women and men alike, accentuating their inner and outer beauty and bringing them forth for others to see. Life with Sandra gives you a taste of this eccentrically creative world to quench one’s thirst for haute couture. What better way to take an exclusive and intimate peek into this realm through the eyes and writings of a visionary fashion designer. Your boldness to follow your dreams is truly awe inspiring as you need the tenacity to survive and flourish in what you do best- designing. And yet you still manage to keep your feet on the ground and stay true to your style. Thank you for being an eye-opener for us would-be fashionista.

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